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Amidei, Aly

Aly Amidei

Assistant Professor

Azodi, Jahana

Jahana Azodi

Production Coordinator

Bertelson, Ryan

Ryan Bertelson

Lighting & Sound Studio Supervisor

Bonner, Terri

Terri Bonner

Department Administrator

Conroy, Colleen

Colleen Conroy

Assistant Professor

Corby, Katherine

Kate Corby

Chair of Theatre and Drama, Professor

Fisher, Robin

Robin Fisher

Academic Program Specialist

Gessner, Juliana

Juliana Gessner

Studio Assistant - Scenic Artist

Greco, Jim

Jim Greco

Distinguished Faculty Associate, Costume Studio Supervisor

Haden, Clare

Clare Haden


Hairston, Mark

Mark Hairston

Assistant Professor

Jacobs, Rebekah

Rebekah Jacobs

Costume Studio Artist

Kelly, Baron

Baron Kelly


Lanius, Jessica

Jessica Lanius


Lisowski, Daniel

Daniel Lisowski

Associate Professor

Mills, Neil

Neil Mills

Assistant Professor

Mohoney, Dawn

Dawn Mohoney

Administrative Assistant

Peterson, Sandy

Sandy Peterson

Lecturer - Theatre for Cultural and Social Awareness

Reilly, Megan

Megan Reilly

Assistant Professor

Shepley, Scot

Scot Shepley

Publicity and Development Coordinator

Standish, Audrey

Audrey Standish


Stauffer, James

James Stauffer

Advisor/Associate Lecturer - Acting

Tabor, Stephen

Stephen Tabor

Lecturer - Acting