Heathers the Musical, 2022

Bonnets (How Ladies of Good Breeding are Induced to Murder), 2022

Evil Dead - The Musical

Evil Dead the Musical, 2019

Vilas Hall

Ronald E. Mitchell Theatre

Julius Caesar, 2020

Into The Woods

Into the Woods, 2019

Upcoming Season

University Theatre puts on several exciting productions per year. See what’s coming soon to the Mitchell Theatre. As a theatre and drama student, you could have opportunities to work as an actor, designer, technician, and crew in these shows.

Vilas Hall Exteriors

Courses for Non-Majors

You don’t have to major in theatre and drama to experience it. We offer many courses for international students and other majors who want to learn more about theatre or improve their communication skills, problem solving abilities, and visual acumen.

Computer Background

Exceptional Faculty and Research

At UW–Madison, you will work directly with nationally recognized faculty who have rich and diverse experience in theatre and research. You’ll learn from the best in everything including costuming, acting, directing, and lighting and sound design.

Theatre Crew

Congratulations to our Spring 2022 Graduates and Scholarship Recipients!


Admalinda Abu Hasan – Certificate in Theatre
Benjamin Dellheim – Certificate in Theatre
Ashley Duncan – BS in Theatre and Drama
Bo Gilbert – Certificate in Theatre
Ana Gonzalez Clark – BS in Theatre and Drama
Joseph Green – BS in Theatre and Drama: Acting Option
Allison Hesselberg – BS in Theatre and Drama: Acting Option
Tierra Higgins – BS in Theatre and Drama
Maya Hysaw – Certificate in Theatre
Lauren Knutson – Certificate in Theatre
Audra Koscik – BS in Theatre and Drama
Libby LaDue – BS in Theatre and Drama: Acting Option
Clare Loughran – BS in Theatre and Drama
Zoe McCartney – BS in Theatre and Drama
Kassidy Mooren – Certificate in Theatre
Isabelle Morris – BS in Theatre and Drama
Maya Parks – BS in Theatre and Drama
Heron Splinter – BS in Theatre and Drama
Madison Stoffel – Certificate in Theatre
Kyla Vaughan – Certificate in Theatre
Sydney Walker – BS in Theatre and Drama
John Wang – BS in Theatre and Drama: Acting Option
Rae Wasson – BS in Theatre and Drama: Acting Option
Reina Werth – BS in Theatre and Drama


Margaret E. Smith- Jane H. Butt Scholarship – Xinyuan Wu
Charline M. Wackman Scholarship – Rebecca Parmentier, Emilie Springsteen
Helen K. Herman Memorial Scholarship – Jiaming Xie
Full Compass Foundation, Inc. Scholarship – Annika Hauser
Ross T. Quint Scholarship – Reez Bailey
Daniel J, Travanti Scholarship – Reez Bailey
Frederick A. Buerki Memorial Scholarship – Xuanting Zhou
Midge North Loring Scholarship – Mckayla Murphy
Kaczmarek-Skloot Citizen Prize – Megan Tennessen
Marianne Ritis Cool Scholarship – Emilie Springsteen
William E. Elliott Endowed Scholarship – Anna Jansson, Ryan Siddell
Friends of Dennis Dorn Scholarship – Erin Besser
Professor William Elwood Memorial Scholarship – Anna Jansson
Catherine V. & Virginia E. Tenuta Scholarship – Taylor Raimer

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