Welcome to the Department of Theatre and Drama at the University of Wisconsin Madison!

by Melinda Menard

The Department of Theatre and Drama is a collaborative community of artists and scholars – faculty staff and students, aiming to achieve the highest level of excellence in their teaching, learning, research, creative endeavors and outreach to the community and state.

We offer coursework leading to the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, and Master of Fine Arts in Theatre. You can find details about all of these degree paths and the many areas of specialization which include Acting,  Scene Design, Costume Design, Lighting Design, and Theatre Technology on the following pages.

Our student body currently consists of 110 undergraduate majors and 62 graduate students pursuing their degrees in various areas of study. Additionally, students from across campus regularly engage in both production and course work to enhance their liberal arts education.

The faculty and staff are comprised of working professionals in both scholarly and creative areas, balanced across the areas of Acting and Design/Technology, all of whom are committed to education at all levels and dedicated to excellence in their individual programs and research.

In our teaching, we aim to prepare our undergraduates for a lifetime of successful engagement with the theatre. We provide intellectual, practical, and experiential knowledge of the performing arts, a working knowledge of the craft, discipline, and the critical thinking it requires, and a deep appreciation for the collaborative art of theatre. We aim to prepare our graduate students for successful 21st Century careers in the theatre both as practitioners and scholars, and so provide focused, professionally-oriented study of theatre practice and scholarship.

Through production and scholarship we aim to excite, entertain, pose questions, challenge assumptions, and critically examine values and beliefs. University Theatre Productions serve as the instructional laboratories for our classroom and studio work and allow us to interface with the most important members of the theatre community – the audience.

Through outreach to the campus and community we aim to sustain the Wisconsin Idea, particularly through the use of theatrical performance to address societal issues through multidisciplinary and multicultural approaches, and to increase lifelong learning opportunities for Wisconsin citizens of all ages.

We appreciate your visit to our website, and hope that you will contact us with questions you may have about our undergraduate and graduate degree programs and research.

See you at the theatre!

Ann M. Archbold
Professor and Chair

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