Colleen Conroy

Assistant Professor

Vilas Communication Hall

821 University Ave

Madison, WI 53706

Conroy, Colleen

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Select Creative Works

  • Conroy, Colleen (voice over director), "Quest: Journey Through the Lifespan," McGraw-Hill Education and Gear Learning, (2020).
  • Conroy, Colleen (voice coach), "dancelikeaman," Kate Corby & Dancers, Margaret H'Doubler Performance Space, (2019).

Select Presentations

  • Conroy, C. (2021, July). Gender affirming voice training – Leveraging interdisciplinary knowledge in practice design. presented at the Voice and Speech Trainers Association (VASTA) Annual Conference.
  • Conroy, C. (2021, June). Coaching the gendered voice: Pitch and resonance vocal modifications in cross-gender role performance. presented at the International Gender and Language Association (Igala11) Annual Conference, Queen Mary University of London.
  • Conroy, C. (2021, March). More than words: Vocal performance on screen. presented at the Society for Cinema and Media Studies Annual Conference.
  • Conroy, C. (2021, February - 2021, March). A Creatiive Arts Approach to Vocal Expression. presented at the Exploring Vocal Gender Affirmation Event.
  • Conroy, C. (2021, February - 2021, March). Exploring Voice Feminization Workshop Series. presented at the Milwaukee LGBT Community Center, Milwaukee, WI.

Select Awards and Honors

  • Seed Project Grant for “Bringing Gender Affirming Voice Training to an Underserved Community”, Baldwin Wisconsin Idea Endowment, 2020
  • UW-Madison Fall Research Competition for “Regional English Accents Audio and Video Archive”, Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, 2020
  • UW-Madison Fall Research Competition for “Coaching the gendered voice: an investigation into the impact of pitch and resonance on voice gender perception by utilizing theatre voice training techniques”, Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, 2019