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Instructions for submission

A digital copy of your proposal with all attachments must be submitted to the Director of Theatre Productions (DoTP) AND the Production Coordinator (PC) by the deadline listed.   The proposal form is available on our website under PRODUCTION.

The Review process

All proposals will be reviewed first by the DoTP and PC). Those that make the first cut will be asked to present their proposal to the Production Committee . Those that do not will be notified.   Once you and/or your group presents your proposal to the PC, you will be notified shortly after that meeting if your proposal was approved or not. If approved, you will be given further details in 2016-17 by the Associate Lecturer working with Production Committee on these projects.

Historically we average 3-5 slots each year.


A complete list of instructions can be found here:
Student Theatre Project Proposal Instructions – final

The proposal form can be found here:
Student Theatre Proposal form