Theatre Technology

M.F.A. in Theatre and Drama (Specialization in Theatre Technology)


The three-year MFA specialization in Theatre Technology endeavors to graduate competent and articulate technical designers and managers. Rigorous coursework, coupled with ample production opportunities, provides students with experience in the methods, materials, and research used by modern entertainment technicians. Additional emphasis is given to skill enhancement in the areas of communication, organizational planning, technical management, and problem solving. Students are encouraged to take courses in engineering, business, and theatrical design along with the required technology curriculum.

The specialization emphasis is professional, but students interested in a teaching career can supplement their professional training with opportunities for classroom teaching, if desired.

MFA Program of Study
Courses numbered 300 and above count toward a graduate degree. Courses numbered from 301-699 carry both undergraduate and graduate credit; courses numbered from 700-900 and up carry graduate credit only.

Minimum Required Credits for Graduation = 75 credits

Core Program Course Work Taken by All MFA Students = 33 credits

  • 06 Credits of Theatre History/Literature/Criticism
  • 03 Credits of Script Analysis
  • 03 Credits of Directing
  • 03 Credits of “The Business of Acting” or ”The Business of the Business”
  • 12 Credits of Production
  • 06 Credits of Thesis

Specialization Course Work

Theatre Technology (42 Credits)

  • 12 Credits of Technical Design
  • 03 Credits of Drafting
  • 09 Credits of Technical Management
  • 03 Credits of Collaborative Studio
  • 15 Credits of Electives