Scene Design

M.F.A. in Theatre and Drama (Specialization in Scenic Design)


The three-year MFA specialization in Scenic Design proposes an exploration of ideas, styles, and creative solutions to problems posed by scripts and literature from theatre, TV and film productions and many current entertainment ventures. Scene Design is the process of transformation. It transforms theatrical literature into dimensional performance space. The process melds dramatic imagination and aesthetic sensibility within a collaborative framework of interaction with director and fellow designers. Emphasis is placed on strengthening the efficient creative thinking and the abilities of effective communication in both the collaborative and technical aspects, with attention to art history and master work study, script analysis, concept development, contemporary design and presentation technology.
The curriculum is focused on providing rich content in theatre, art and design history and period style to nurture students’ creative minds and effective presentation skills to train students’ hands that is balanced between the traditional studio graphic skills with the up to date digital technologies. The goal is to create a generation of active and influential designers in the field of entire entertainment industry through this rigorous professional training program.

MFA Program of Study
Courses numbered 300 and above count toward a graduate degree. Courses numbered from 301-699 carry both undergraduate and graduate credit; courses numbered from 700-900 and up carry graduate credit only.

Minimum Required Credits for Graduation = 75 credits

Core Program Course Work Taken by All MFA Students = 33 credits

  • 06 Credits of Theatre History/Literature/Criticism
  • 03 Credits of Script Analysis
  • 03 Credits of Directing
  • 03 Credits of “The Business of Acting” or ”The Business of the Business”
  • 12 Credits of Production
  • 06 Credits of ThesiS

Specialization Course Work

Scenic Design (42 Credits)

  • 09 Credits of Design
  • 03 Credits of Drafting
  • 06 Credits of Period Dress and Décor
  • 06 Credits of Collaborative Studio
  • 09 Credits of Skills Course Work
  • 09 Credits of Electives