M.F.A. in Theatre and Drama (Specialization in Acting



The three-year MFA specialization in Acting offers students specialized preparation for careers in professional and educational theatre.

During all three years of the program, students are immersed in an integrated study of acting, directing and integrated programs such as Theatre for Cultural and Social Awareness and Theatre for Young Audiences. Throughout the three years of the program, special focus will be given to fundamental studies, collaboration, and entrepreneurial opportunities preparing students for the changing landscape of the professional theatre.

The first year’s foci blends strengthening of fundamentals while exploring the foundation of collaboration and the relationship with audience. In the second year, studio work and performance work places a special focus on both classical and new play development. The work of the third year culminates in a third-year creative project designed by the student in consultation with the student’s advisor and an internship bridging the student’s academic experience with a professional opportunity for mentoring and exploration. Special courses in areas of interest may be completed during semesters that accommodate elective credits. Throughout the three years, students will perform in two or more University Theatre productions per year on our stages, directed by Department faculty or guest directors.

MFA Program of Study

Courses numbered 300 and above count toward a graduate degree. Courses numbered from 301-699 carry both undergraduate and graduate credit; courses numbered from 700-900 and up carry graduate credit only.

Minimum Required Credits for Graduation = 75 credits

Core Program Course Work Taken by All MFA Students = 33 credits

  • 06 Credits of Theatre History/Literature/Criticism
  • 03 Credits of Script Analysis
  • 03 Credits of Directing
  • 03 Credits of “The Business of Acting” or ”The Business of the Business”
  • 12 Credits of Production
  • 06 Credits of Thesis

Specialization Course Work

Acting (42 Credits)

  • 12 Credits of Acting
  • 12 Credits of Movement
  • 12 Credits of Voice
  • 06 Credits of Electives